7 July 2014

Kitchen decorations for the heart of the home

You know what they say… the kitchen is the heart of the home. You spend a lot of time in this room, so it’s important that it has got that perfect feeling and that you’re happy with how it looks.
I love my kitchen! It’s only small, but it is well planned, and I really like the teal colour of the walls.
To give it more of a personality I have added several different decorations of various styles. 

One of my favourite features in my kitchen is the wall hung wine rack which is made from cast iron and resembles swirly grape vines. This was a find and a real bargain from TK Maxx, and I make sure it’s always filled with wine bottles to make it look nice and welcoming. 

I recently invested in some new canisters for my tea, coffee and sugar. I went for a classic style of cream and wood from Asda’s home collection, as I thought this would go well with the rest of the decorations in my kitchen…

…Especially this wooden cheese board from bhs, and the little Loch Ness salt, pepper and oil set from Thumbs Up!. Quite quirky, don’t you think?

The weirdest decoration is my kitchen is this wooden and cast iron fruit bowl. Or fruit stand might be a better word for it. This was a present from my sister a few years ago, and she had bought it from an artist in Sweden. When I got the wrapper off it and took a first look at it I actually had no clue what it was. The woolly fruit gave it away though, but I do sometimes place real fruit on it as well. Oh, and all my dries chillies are hanging there neatly in a row – ready to be thrown into random dishes.

My weekend treat is making luxury coffee, and that is made possible due to this dream machine – the Nescafe dolce gusto. This is actually not mine, but it was a gift from me to my boyfriend. Although it’s technically a kitchen appliance, it serves as a decoration as well.

And talking about kitchen appliances… I recently visited my friend who’s just bought and moved into a new house, and I noticed that are their kitchen appliances matched. They were all metallic red, and really created a funky look in their kitchen. I must admit… the appliances in my kitchen do not match… Should they? I mean, just look at these gorgeous red kitchen appliances from Harrods and their KitchenAid collection!

I would absolutely love to have all my kitchen appliances match, so that they work as decorations as well.
What’s it like in your kitchen?
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