25 April 2012

20 creative headboards - that you can make yourself!

Don't you think a bedroom looks incomplete without a headboard? The bed is after all the focal point of the room, and if it looks "empty" it just results in the room looking a bit boring. Buying a headboard for your bed can be extremely expensive though. Sure, there are a lot of stylish options available out there and it might be worth paying a few hundred pounds on something you really like, but another option is to make your headboard yourself. 

There are a lot of different ways of creating your own headboard, and some of the most creative ones don't actually request much handy skills at all. Look around you! If you are just open minded, there are a lot of recycled items you can make into a headboard. Some people opt for old pieces of wood, or an old door as a headboard. Other options are old frames for fire places, wide panel curtains, garden fences, window frames, tree branches, wooden boxes... If you are just creative enough you can use almost anything as a headboard. You could even just paint something on the wall behind the bed to make an illusion of a headboard. 

A few coats of paint, or a bit of sand papering can make something old and worn out look amazing. Have a look and get inspired by my pick of 20 fantastic and creative headboards below.


  1. I dunno..some of those look a tiny bit less DIY than others

    Great post though! Thanks for sharing

    1. Stenciling is another way of creating a head board effect eventhough it does not serve any purpose. It can be used just for beautifying the room.


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