20 June 2012

The charming things about Swedish houses

When it comes to pretty homes it’s not all about the interior, but the exterior is extremely important as well.
English houses are so boring-looking with their red bricks, and most English people don’t seem to care about the exterior of their house at all!
I have asked myself many a time whatever happened to the architecture in this country – what’s up with all the millions of ugly terraced houses everywhere? Can the British not do better than that?

What I love about my country of birth – Sweden – is that most houses are unique, and made of wood. People take care of the exterior of their houses and paint them in pretty colours. The house I grew up in is wooden, and purple. Yes, a lovely plum purple colour. Unusual, sure, but that’s what’s so charming about it. It’s funny when you look at the houses on my parents’ street in south east Sweden – the houses range from purple to blue, green, yellow and red. It’s like a pretty rainbow of colourful houses :)

I visited my family home last week and I took the chance to walk around our purple house and snap some photos of it. What do you think? Is purple really that weird? I think it’s absolutely lovely! My mum is very creative as well and has arranged little old fashioned looking decorations around the house, which makes it feel very homey.
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