24 October 2012

Italian design

When you think of Italian design the first thing that pops up in your head is clothes or cars… Am I right?
However, Italian designed furniture is hugely popular as well. This is just a short and sweet post to tell you about an Italian designer collection I discovered recently. It’s called Porada. (I wonder if the resemblance to Prada is just a coincidence…)

I like the whole thing about the quirky shapes, with the “windswept” effect and the asymmetric look. Have a look below for some great pieces of furniture;

The "Cell" bookcases from Porada are circular open framed tables in different height, that look great grouped together.
 This solid ash bench is super stylish with its slender seat and curved slatted open ends.
I must say these free standing open back bookcases in white walnut are my favourite! The asymetrical shapes are just my style.

After having browsed through the Porada collection I've realised that the minimalistic and stylish designs remind me quite a lot of Scandinavian furniture design. It's all about wood as the material, with sleek and simple shapes. These coat stands are absolutely fantastic, and would fit right into a contemporary home.
What do you think of this solid wood dining chair with a curved back and legs? I'd say it has a bit of a playful feel to it, and a "windswept" look.
"Infinity" coffee table with wooden base and glass surface. I'm not too keen on glass furniture, but I'm absolutely sold for that curved wood!
Last but not least I wanted to show you this Domino TV stand, which is part of Porada's modular shelving range. It's made from floor and wall fixed vertical poles with a choice of shelves that are fixed to the pole. Amazing, or what?!

21 October 2012

Turn your pumpkin decorations to jam

In my last post I wrote about autumn decorations, and about taking advantage of the harvest season and decorate with fruit and vegetables such as apples and pumpkins. But what do you do with all these apples and pumpkins when it’s time to change the decorations for a more wintery theme? There are so many things you can do with apples; apple cordial, apple sauce, apple pies… the list is long! It’s more difficult when it comes to the pumpkins!
Many people don’t see their autumn/Halloween pumpkin decorations as anything else than just a decoration, but you can definitely take advantage of this fruit (Yes, I’m calling it a fruit, cause although it is treated like a vegetable, it is technically a fruit.). The most common thing to make with pumpkins are pumpkin pies, but I’m stepping away from the tradition, and I’m now going to share a recipe for pumpkin jam;
    825g pumpkin puree
    1/2 tablespoon ground cinnamon
    1 teaspoon ground nutmeg
    1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
    1/2 teaspoon ground allspice
    1/2 teaspoon ground cloves
    55g dry pectin
    900g caster sugar

Preparation time: 15 minutes     Cooking time: 10 minutes
Mix pumpkin puree, spices and dry pectin in a medium saucepan over high heat. Bring to the boil. Mix in sugar all at once. Stirring constantly, return to a full boil and boil 1 minute. Remove from heat. Transfer immediately to sterile containers. Seal and chill in the refrigerator until serving.
It’s the simplest pumpkin jam recipe I could find, with a cooking time of only 25 minutes. It’s a perfect autumn jam, and if you put it in some pretty jam jars with homemade labels on, this jam would be a perfect autumn present for your nearest and dearest. You can find really pretty old fashioned jam jars at Wares of Knutsford, who are professionals in preserving equipment.

18 October 2012

10 reasons to love autumn

Many people fall into a sort of post summer blues when autumn comes. It gets colder, darker, rainier... but I’d say it also gets cosier! Who doesn’t love cuddling up in the sofa with a blanket or an open fire with a hot drink. Autumn is harvest season, and you should really take advantage of all things natural when it comes to decorating for this season.

It’s all about orange and other earthy hues. Fill your home with pumpkins of all kinds, candles, apples, fallen leaves, etc.
Below are 10 photos to inspire you for your season decoration. 10 reasons to why you should love the autumn rather than feeling blue about it.

13 October 2012

The art of recycling old wood

Nowadays, furniture of solid wood is becoming more and more of a rare thing. Due to the mass production of trendy furniture, companies have swapped their solid wood furniture to cheaper "saw dust furniture" with simple wooden veneers. Therefore, when you get your hands on some proper wood you should make the most of it. Just look at the picture above - an old window can easily be turned into a shabby chic style photo frame.
Some drift wood can be turned into a hanging fruit basket. You don't need to be particularly handy, but it's only a very simple design. Just add a lick of paint to it, and print some simple letters on it. Very stylish, and perfect for a country style or a nautical inspired kitchen.
Got a bunch of old wooden fruit and vegetable boxes laying around at home? Why not turn them into a bookcase?
Pallets are good for nothing outside a warhouse... or are they? If you saw one in pieces it can easily become a few hanging shelves for the livingroom. Perfect for placing smaller things like photo frames on.
Don't throw away those old window shutters! Although they might not be in style on the outside of your house they can work as a super trendy headboard for your bed.

9 October 2012

Wall decor ideas for a nursery

It's a baby boom going on at the moment - at least amongst my friends. And therefore, I have put together some inspirational images on nurseries, with a theme on trees and owls. I found the above picture on some website a while back, and was super inspired by it. I love everything about that wall decoration - the colour, the shape of the branch, the cartoon-like owls... it's just a perfect detail for a child's bedroom!
A more simple version of owls and trees above and below. I like the fact that the design of this is more as if a child has painted it. Very cute, and the colours are really nice, buit can of course be changed to your own taste.
Below is a slightly more grown up design, but it would still be suitable for a child - just look how gorgeous this nursery is! I love the combination of this bold blueish turquoise with the black, white and bright yellow.
The picture below is actually a creation made by myself. When I moved in with my boyfriend in the summer of 2011 I made one of the guest rooms into a creative project. The purpose of this room is not to be a nursery (there really aren’t any plans of babies yet!) but I simply call it my “creative room”. You can read all about how I painted this olive green tree on my other blog The CreativeArtista. This tree is kind of like my masterpiece – I am so happy with it! And sure… if we were to have kids in the future and we still live in this house I guess this would be suitable as a baby room…


2 October 2012

Creative thinking...

I'm thinking of some ways to make my teal coloured kithen wall look a bit more interesting. I just created this on my computer after having read this great life motto somewhere. It's definitely something to keep thinking about, and I'll probably make a few variations of this text before I decide which style to go for, but this is a first idea. What do you think? I'm a bit obsessed with life mottos and the fact that you only have one chance to live, and I think this sentence is great.
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