27 November 2012

Kitchen trends for 2013

The minimalistic trend is on its way out – the kitchen trends for 2013 will be more rustic, and ”alive” kitchens with solid wood and a countryside feeling to it. 
The contemporary style with glass and stainless steel has been swapped for a more old fashioned style with a modern touch. 
Imagine the kitchens of the 1970’s – dark colours and lots of wood – but mixed with the shabby chic style white paint.

What I really love about old fashioned kitchens is the brick walls, the rough wooden surfaces, and the open shelves with pretty “status” pans made of copper that are really worth showing off. It’s all about the open storage trend, so that’s definitely worth considering.
Another kitchen trend that has been very popular for years is the kitchen isles - a focal point in the most important room in the house where people can socialise. Opt for matt white or warm hues, earthy colours, and solid wood (not too light, not too dark – but just that perfect in between colour).
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