16 December 2012

Baroque wallpaper

Baroque style bedroom
As I've mentioned before I moved into my boyfriend's house (which he owns) last year, so as you can imagine I had nothing to do with the choice of house, but since I moved in I've changed so much! The house really needed a woman's touch since it looked very bare and bachelor like before.

I've changed everything from curtains and wall paint to furniture, and now it's time for me to change a bit more in the main bedroom! 

The bedroom is actually quite nice as it is, with a theme of black, white and purple. But since we had some plumbers in our house earlier this year we had had to open up one of the bedroom walls, and it now looks horrible!
It's white plastering all over my nice purple wall, and this really needs covering up!

Rather than repainting the wall purple I'm thinking of spicing it up with a quirky wallpaper. As most of you know I am a sucker for the Baroque era and all the swirly patterns that come with it, so I'm looking to get a wallpaper of that particular style, just like in the picture above. It's either going to be purple or black, and at the moment I've got my eye on these 3 Baroque style wallpapers that I've seen at Robinson and Neal.
Baroque wallpapers
They've got some really lovely designs in their online store. Not just Baroque wallpaper, of course, but lots of pretty designs. Click here to see the full collection.
I'm hoping that my project will result in something like the below pictures. I think it looks absolutely beautiful! Keep your eyes peeled for an update on our main bedroom coming soon!
Purple and black Baroque wallpaper

14 December 2012

The dream of living in a tree

wooden tree house

No words are really needed for this post, because the pictures really speak for themselves.

Just see them as inspiration – something we’re probably all dreaming of (of not actively, then at least subconsciously)

I mean, who wouldn’t want a tree house that you can live in?! It would be like a childhood dream come true!

I was crazy about climbing trees when I was a little girl, and I would really love to have a house stuck in a tree! So very creative, and playful.

See below, get inspired, and dream away…

log tree house

tree house with swirly stairs

All tree houses featured, except for this last one, are of typical cabin styles - all made of chunky wood, or even logs. Very picturesque, I would say. 
The last one is a designer tree house that you can find in Sweden. That's if you can actually find it! The outside of the tree house is actually made of mirrored glass, so that it will blend in with the nature.
Swedish tree house
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