23 January 2013

"Pillow chocolate" review for Millennium Hotels

A bit of a random post, but this is the case; You know when you stay at a fancy hotel and there is a piece of chocolate placed on your pillow, or on your coffee tray… Who decided for that exact type of chocolate to be the official hotel chocolate? Well, I just got the chance to have a say in this!

I, along with other UK bloggers, have been selected to review and rate luxury chocolate from Hotel Chocolat for the hotel chain Millenium Hotels. Exciting stuff! I was sent a selection of chocolates that me and my boyfriend happily tried out this weekend. These were in the goodybag:

Salted caramels - oozingly soft caramel filled chocolates beautifully balanced with a pinch of sea salt.
Drops gemstones - pure chocolate fusions of white and dark chocolate that melt on the tongue.
Billionare's shortbread - a generous blend of chocolate, caramel, cookies and silky smooth praline.
Eton mess - a timeless classic with strawberry and vanilla chocolate, cookies, meringue and strawberry pieces.
Smiley face lolly - solid milk chocolate lolly.

Let’s start with my least favourite out of these 5; the salted caramels were really not for me. 1 – cause I’m not a fan of caramel, and 2 – they were salty?! Not a hit for me, but my boyfriend rated these as his favourite. Also, the Eton mess… it was way too sweet, and didn’t taste like chocolate at all, so I don’t know why they call it chocolate.

Over to my favourite! The billionare’s shortbread! It was delicious! Yummy, with both crunchy and soft bits in it. What a dream! I definitely vote this one as Millenium Hotels’ new official “pillow chocolate”!

An honourable mention though to the drops gemstones which were very yummy and just melted on your tongue.

I just wanted to show you these pretty cups in which we enjoyed our coffee to go with the chocolate. These pretty bohemian looking cups are from the Swedish interior and fashion shop Indiska. If you’re a fan of colourful things with bohemian and Indian inspired patterns this shop is definitely for you.

10 January 2013

Wall art from I Love Wallpaper

Just before Christmas I was lucky enough to be sent a couple of pieces of wall art, courtesy of I Love Wallpaper. I Love Wallpaper is, just like it sounds, a shop that sells wallpaper, but also some home decorations in the form of wall art.

When I first browsed through their range of wallpaper I was really impressed, and I immediately fell for a couple of the floral and retro wallpapers. But what really caught my eye was the collection of metal wall art. I picked these 2 pieces below that I Love Wallpaper were nice enough to send me.

This antique looking key is made of cast iron and is 44 cm long. It's a beautiful and rustic castle inspired key with a charcoal finish, and you can really tell that it's made of high quality material. With it being cast iron it's very heavy, and you therefore need to use screws and perhaps even plugs to hang it up securely on an indoor wall.
What I really love about it is the swirly Baroque inspired pattern.

The second piece I chose was the one below, with 5 birds on a wire. (also 44 cm long) I thought it looked so simple but cute, which was what appealed to me when making my choice of wall art. This fits perfectly in a room with a contemporary interior style, and looks really sophisticated. 
Both pieces are from the Graham & Brown collection available at I Love Wallpaper, and right now they're both on sale for a bargain price! 

From my experience I would really recommend the metal wall art from I Love Wallpaper. The quality and the prices are just brilliant. Why don't you have a look for yourself?!

3 January 2013

Boycott the January blues!

Well hello 2013, and good bye 2012!

2012 was a great year for me, and 2013 will struggle to top it – but if it’s even a fraction as good as last year I’ll be happy.

Ever heard of January blues…? Of course you have! I wouldn’t say I fall into that category, but I see this as being on the right side of winter. At least the days are getting longer and lighter from now on!

On the other hand I’m struggling with my inspiration in January, (you know, after the laziness of Christmas and all) so I thought that I would make this first blogpost of the year into one that is filled with inspiration!

I’ve made this collage of gorgeous pieces – everything from mirror frames and shabby chic furniture, to nurseries and clever storage solutions. I’m not going to comment on them, but I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

I hope this will inspire you too!

Happy 2013!

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