20 June 2013

French bohemian vintage

When going for an interior d├ęcor that is of an antique style, the whole point about it is that the decorative items don’t match. When looking at this gorgeous home of a French bohemian vintage style with pale pastels and quirky style clashes, you have to look more than once to notice every piece of the decoration puzzle, which makes it more interesting. 

You can’t “fake” this sort of style though, but if you’re looking to create a similar style you’re going to have to drag yourself to several flea markets and auctions, or perhaps look through your grandma’s old collections.

The style clashes almost create a contemporary look as a whole, but when looking closer you’ll find all the historic items from different eras, which are sure to leave you amazed. The environment gets more exciting when certain items don’t really match, and they stand out from the crowd. Plus, they make an excellent conversation starter.

Distressed wood combined with brass and pastels…
What do you think of this French bohemian style?

1 June 2013

O'hoy sailor! Nautical home collection by Next

I don’t usually feature just one shop in a blogpost, but I’ve just got to show you the latest summer collection by Next!
 I was walking around in the next Next store in Leeds Trinity shopping centre the other week, and I am completely in love with their home range.
Not so much the furniture (they’re just over priced in my opinion) but I absolutely adore their decorative pieces.
 Photo frames, signs, candle holders… you name it!

I would buy most things from their home collection if I could just afford it, and if I could fit it in my house!
 They always have a few different ranges out, and they’ve launched a number of summery collections for this season. The one that really speaks to me is their nautical range. I just love adding a bit of seaside feeling to your home, and especially in the summer. 
 With Leeds being right in the middle of the country with no sea in sight, this collection is a great way to increase that summer feeling.

Let me know what you think of it! :)

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