31 July 2013

Picnic Inspiration

Ah... we’re in the middle of the summer, and what better way to spend a day off than on a picnic blanket with your loved ones in the nature.
Whether you’ve gone for a day on the beach with your family, or are having an organised picnic with your friends – this is a great way of socialising and getting the most out of the lovely summer.
Not convinced? 
Have a look at my little collage below for some great picnic inspirations, and get ready to prepare those treats and pack your basket! :)

24 July 2013

The importance of lighting

Did you see my last post about the designer lamp that turns your room into an enchanted forest?
While we’re on the topic of lamps I thought I’d look into everyday lighting a bit more. 
I never used to care much about lamps – they only light up a room, right? Wrong! A lamp can make or break a room, and lighting is so much more important than you might think.
I actually used to work in a lamp warehouse in Sweden a few years back, and after that I got a bit of an obsession with lamps.
Let me show you 3 types of different lamps, and share my opinions about them.

The chandelier
My absolute favourite type of lamp is the chandelier. This is such a beautiful piece, that doesn’t just work as a source of light, but that adds a stunning decoration to a room as well.
A chandelier becomes the centre piece of a room, and works perfect in a dining room. It adds a feeling of status and romance with its Baroque style swirls, and often mezmerises your dinner guests.

The bamboo floor lamp
This is a timeless lamp that goes with everything, but that might have a bit of a bohemian twist. With its natural hues of cream, beige, brown or black this floor lamp matches absolutely everything, and blends in nicely to a living room.

The brushed metal ceiling lamp
Want to achieve an extremely contemporary style with clean lines and a ‘cold’ feeling? Opt for a brushed metal pendant lamp. This would be a great addition to a modern kitchen, and could give you a bit of an industrial feeling. 

3 completely different lamps, that are all quite versatile. Which one is your favourite?

17 July 2013

Incredible forest chandelier

Do you wish redecorating a room would be as easy as just pressing a button? What if I said it was…! Don’t believe me?

You can completely change the look of a room with different lighting, but this amazing chandelier from Hilden & Diaz will change a room to the extreme – in a good way. With just one click it will take you straight to the jungle! This ‘Forms of Nature’ chandelier is created by designers Thyra Hilden and Pio Diaz, and it’s absolutely beautiful! The tangled branches in the design cast shadows on your walls in the shape of the trees in the forest. 

So who said redecorating couldn’t be a piece of cake? 

4 July 2013

Ceramic trends for 2013 - kitchens and bathrooms

Cool Ceramics
Ceramics have been gracing our homes for many years in many forms and this year they are again being tipped as a hot trend for decorating our homes in many of their classic and contemporary forms
 Classic tiling

Interior design company Increation are big users of ceramic tiles in their luxury kitchen and bathroom designs and say “the latest trends in ceramic tiles come in a big range of sizes, textures and colors, with earth tones being a great option for your interiors not only for its sophisticated look but for its easy maintenance and durable finish.” Indeed ceramic tiles are hugely versatile with looks from traditional rich Mediterranean patterns, reflective glass, rough patina, textured granite and polished metal through to traditional subway black and white brick tiles. The options are endless and often cheaper and more durable than the materials they imitate.  
 Wood tiles
The most recent ceramic tile development to feature heavily in 2013 is the ceramic wood floor tile. Designed for people who want the ease of maintenance of a ceramic floor but the beauty of wood. These tiles can look so much like wood it is hard to tell the difference. The tiles can look like highly polished bamboo, natural waxed oak, bleached beech or indeed any finish of hardwood floor but have all the advantages of the non-porous, well sealed, ceramic tiles that they are. These can be used in any room of the house without problems of water or condensation and maintaining the look is effortless compared with the care wood will eventually need. These tiles will only offend the true purist who wants the natural wear and tear to evolve in their country style cottage or urban loft.

Baths, Basins and Sinks
The traditional white ceramic is a classic look in bathrooms that never seems to die. This year is no exception. As Increation says “For a luxurious touch in your bathroom square, round or organic basins and baths are all the range this season”. Indeed the ceramic look seems to be replacing recent trends for glass and stainless steel even in the most contemporary bathrooms, with the shape of the basins and sinks more varied to modernize the classic material. In the kitchen a Belfast sink is still the envy of many a visitor -“if you want to complement the beauty and comfort of your kitchen ceramic sinks can transform your space into a superb chic kitchen”, Increation advise.

Ceramics also offer a multitude of options in lighting, from the most traditional oriental table lamps to modern organic shaped pendants, streamlined wall uplighters and contemporary candle-holders of all shapes and sizes.

The versatility of ceramics has always been in the imagination of the sculptor or engineer who designs the piece. With the advances in technology to alter the appearance of the basic modeling material by applying heat, pressure and cooling in a multitude of new ways, we are likely never to live in a home without some form of ceramic to decorate it. And when it looks so good, who would want to?
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