16 August 2013

How to add a splash of colour to your home

Are you stuck with a bland home, and don’t know how to spice it up?

When I first moved in to my boyfriend’s house everything was beige and brown, beige and brown… B…B…B… BORING!

I immediately started looking for colourful decorations to spice it up with, and it’s just amazing what a splash of colour can do to a room!

There’s no need to change all your furniture, but simple items such as fabrics, lamps, rugs, wall art and small things like that can make an absolutely huge difference.

To change my boyfriend’s very bachelor like living room I invested in some colourful new curtains, a table runner, candle holders, a wall clock, other wall art, picture frames and decorative bowls and glasses. Now it’s a real home, and not just a house :)

What’s great about simple decorations like these is that you can opt to change them whenever you want without hassle, in order to match your home with the current season.

Below are some examples of simple, colourful decorations that that spice up your home and make a significant change;

Oriental aqua cabinet - Fusion Living
Fuschia linen cusion - H&M
Purple and silver circular sun flower wall mirror - Fusion Living
Teal Aimbry Hales large pendant - Design 55 Online
White orbit coffee table with purple inner pattern - Atlantic Shopping
Light pink curtains - IKEA
Lagoon tealight holders - Pavilion Broadway
Stockton chocolate and green rug - Next
Roman numeral multi-coloured wall clock - Fushion Living

The only major thing in this collage is the coffee table, which is from the collection of contemporary furniture at Atlantic Shopping. But what a coffee table! I really love the clean lines, and the subtle splash of colour you see in the middle. Don't worry if you don't like purple - this coffee table comes in a number of different colours.
All the other items in the collage are simple things that you can add to your home without any hassle.

Which item's your favourite, and what's your advice for spicing up a bland room?

4 August 2013

Photo canvases - stylish and impressive decorations

Are you striving to get more of an artistic look in your home, or are you looking for a way of displaying photos in a nicer way?
The answer for this is photo canvases!
I am all for printing that favourite family photo on a big canvas to display in your living room. In fact – this was my dad’s birthday present from me last year.
A photo canvas is so much more visible than a normal photo in a frame on the wall. It’s eye-catching, and it’s a real conversation starter.
As well as this, it looks really neat and stylish, and is a great d├ęcor for any room.
Are you looking to really impress? Why not get a bunch of photo canvases and create a huge collage on your wall?
A photo canvas is also a great idea for a wedding gift.
You obviously don’t need to print a photo on a canvas, but an option is to go for a quirky print or an image. I think these He and She canvases are absolutely adorable, and a great asset to a living room or a bedroom.
I actually invested in a photo canvas myself the other week. It’s so recently that I haven’t even had time to hang it up on the wall yet, but for now it’s just standing on my easel. With me living in a different country to my family I wanted to have a motif from my hometown, so when I was home for a visit a couple of weeks ago I went for a walk around in Kalmar (my hometown in Sweden) and I snapped this photo of our gorgeous medieval castle. The weather on this particular evening was absolutely perfect, without a cloud in sight.
I love the fact that you can custom make your own canvases, and one place where you can do so is at What’s On Your Wall. You can choose everything from canvas size, to edge depth and edge style – Brilliant!
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