9 September 2013

Eyeing up lamps from Aqua Creations

As some of you will know from having read my previous posts here on Home Decorista, I’ve got a bit of an obsession with lamps. If you were to enter my house you would see that most lamps I own are very unique and creative. Most of them are very colourful as well! 

One of my favourite lamps is a purple one made of fabric and black iron, bought from a tiny little shop in Leeds called Yellow Sunrise. You can see it in this post here on the blog.

We have spotlights in our livingroom, and I really don’t like them. Sure, they’re very stylish and contemporary, but when watching TV they’re just in your eyes all the time. What I would really like is a floor lamp to stand somewhere in a corner – a lamp that will give soft and cosy light on a night.
I do actually have my eye on a gorgeous floor lamp I’ve seen at Arrow Electrical. It’s from their Aqua Creations collection, and I’m in love!
Just look at this tall, green beauty! It would go absolutely perfect in my livingroom, which is beige and brown with orange and green decorations.
If you like the distinct shape inspired by the organic world and exotic flowers, but you don’t like the colour – don’t worry – it comes in a range of different colours! 36 to be precise ;)

Most lamps from the Aqua Creations range are just to die for, but as you can imagine they wouldn’t all go in my livingroom (unfortunately!). For any curious people out there though – here is a little taster of the rest of the range.
Which one’s your favourite?

8 September 2013

Creative ways of using wallpaper

People don't tend to use wallpaper the same way as they did back in the days. Back then you would easily wallpaper a whole room, and you wouldn't really think about the fact that the pattern you had chosen might not be on trend 5 years later.

It's all about paint nowadays, and more about the decorations. Cause let's face it - it's easier to change your decorations when they're not trendy anymore, rather than re-wallpapering a whole room.

Having one wall wallpapered is not unusual, and I think that's a great and simple way of spicing up a room. However, there are lots of other creative ways of using wallpaper...
Spice up a coffee table with some colours and patterns by covering the top with your favourite wallpaper and a piece of glass. Gorgeous result! Make sure that the wallpaper matches the rest of the colours in the room.

Don't fancy investing in an expensive bed frame? Be creative and cut out some wallpaper in the right size and paste on your wall behind the bed. Simple, stylish and cost effective!

Another creative way of using wallpaper is to paste it on the steps in the stairs. Use the same or different patterns. A playful way of decorating your home!

Another way of spicing up a piece of furniture is to paste wallpaper onto drawers. It could be a little bit tricky, but it's definitely worth the time and effort! Just don't forget to unscrew the handles before you do it, and also - you might be better off adding a coat of clear paint on top of the wallpaper so that it doesn't wear out.

A simple IKEA stool can get a whole new look with a lick of paint and some wallpaper. A great DIY project that is both simple and cheap!

Or why not give a new look to that old display cabinet? This floral wallpaper is absolutely beautiful, and I would love to do something similar myself. I've been having a browse around for similar wallpaper and have found a great and affordable range of floral wallpaper at I Love Wallpaper. Check it out for yourself! 

Are you ready for some DIY? ;)
Which one of these creative ways of using wallpaper is your favourite, and what would you like to try yourself?

4 September 2013

Moroccan inspired lamps

Just a short post to show you the latest press photos from Moroccan Bazaar.
As you will know if you’ve read my previous blogposts I’ve got a thing for African and Oriental home decorations, and these swirly pattern metal lamps from Moroccan Bazaar are absolutely beautiful.
If you look at them and think they’re very Moroccan looking and might not fit into your home – think again!
It’s easier than you think to mix and match home d├ęcor, and these lamps are actually quite plain in colour and have a sleek shape which means you can match them with almost anything, and you won’t actually have to dedicate a whole room to this specific Oriental style. 
For more Moroccan home ideas, have a look at one of my first blogposts on Home Decorista which includes a collage of Moroccan inspired home decorations.
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