22 October 2013

Colour coordination

Everyone obviously has different tastes when it comes to furnishing and decorating their homes, but one thing I think we've all got in common is that we like to colour coordinate. It doesn't matter whether it's just a light version of it - a matching cushion and a table cloth - or if you go all out and match all decorations in a room.

I absolutely love colour coordinating! My own livingroom has orange and green decorations it it, with a beige base.
The on trend colour this year is a dusky kind of purple or almost pink, so I've chosen to compile a little example of how you can decorate your livingroom with this particular colour, with a white base.

What I've used in this example:
Sultan glass canisters from zgallerie.com 
Sheer curtains from target.com
Dreamy Eiffel Tower Paris photography from Etsy
Decorative books from Etsy 
Round pouf pillow from lampsplus.com
White Isala Coffee table from IKEA
3 seat Chesterfield sofa from Sylvester Oxford
Narrow Belgravia bookcase with drawers from Sylvester Oxford

What do you think of my dusky purple and white fantasy livingroom? I feel as if I want to rip out my own livingroom right now and start redecorating! It's a good thing we're still to build our new diningroom - at least I'll have that to decorate from scratch. Sometime in the future...

Do you tend to colour coordinate your home decorations and furniture?

21 October 2013

Autumn decorations from nature

Don't you just love the colours of Autumn?
All the natural hues of red, brown and burnt amber.
Take advantage of all the pretty things from nature, and use them for your Autumn home decorations.
There are several ways of being creative with apples, pumpkins, leaves and cones.
Have a look at my collage above - I hope you too will get inspired! 

8 October 2013

Recycle old doors as decoration

My latest d├ęcor inspiration is antique doors.

I’ve come across so many pretty DIY posts about them lately that I thought I’d show you my favourite ones.

Enjoy, and be prepared to get inspired!
 I think it's absolutely brilliant to recycle a door as a livingroom table. It gives the room a more interesting feeling. Just watch out for where you put your glass on an uneven surface!

In this case, the table reminds me of a bar table. It looks amazing paired with those metal bar stools.

This beautiful white door is being used as a dinner table. To avoid accidents, the owner has chosen to add a piece of glass on top, to even out the surface.

 Spice up your bedroom with a door headboard!

 You don't have to be creative with an old door. You can simply use it as decoration as it is, and just hang it up on the wall, or alternatively lean it against it.

Have you gotten your hands on an antique window door? Why not make it into a quirky bookcase? 

 ... or perhaps stick a mirror in it and place it in your hallway?

 A great way of making the best use of an old door with a window in it is to make it into a giant photoframe. In this case, it's also being used as a coat hanger.

Do you like the idea of recycling old doors? Which idea is your favourite?
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