28 January 2014

Afternoon tea at Creams

A couple of weeks ago I went gor afternoon tea at Creams in Huddersfield. I had never heard of the place before I went, so I didn't actually know what to expect. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the look and feel of this place - very posh, to say the least.
The cakes in the display window looked absolutely immaculate, and I just wanted to eat them all! However, that's not what we were there for. We had actually gotten this Groupon deal to go for afternoon tea, so there were 2 different set menus to choose from - the classic British afternoon tea with sandwiches, scones and cakes, or the Eastern afternoon tea, which had swapped the classic sandwiches to a "naanwich". I went for the latter, and it was absolutely gorgeous! It consisted of a grilled chicken breast with salad and mango chutney sauce. With this we had a wide range of coffees or teas to choose from.
The interior of Creams was so beautiful. I especially liked the big old-fashioned piano by the entrance, as well as the shiny chandelliers.
This was also the first time I tried macaroons. I've always looked at these funny shaped cookies and wondered what they were like. My opinion? Heavenly! I had the lemon one, and now I just can't wait to buy an electric whisk so that I can start making them myself! The 3-tier macaroon cake below might be a bit too much for me though...
I had a lovely day out, and was very impressed with Creams in Huddersfield. I would definitely go back again, and if someone asked me I would more than recommend it.

15 January 2014

The shabby chic dining room of my dreams

Look at the above dining room. Isn't it stunning!? I love the whole combination on wood, white paint and another dusky colour in the background. Although this isn't the shabby chic dining room of my dreams, it has got most of the elements I'm looking for. But lete's look closer at what it is I'm actually looking for, in detail, for my future dining room. I just wish we could have that unused garage converted now!

For my dining table I would love to have something in line with this rustic antique-looking white farmhouse French dining table with a wooden top from Scout About Interiors. I saw a very similar table at an antique shop in Leeds the other day, and I fell in love! Instead of white legs it was painted in a dusky turquoise colour. Unfortunately, I didn't agree with the price tag...

I would probably go for chairs that are of a similar style as the table - kind of a French country style. Quite robust, and not too many swirly details. These sort of chairs are quite popular now, and are available at several different retailers.

I probably wouldn't have too many pieces of furniture in my dining room, but a pretty display cabinet is a must! I've collected designer glassware ever since I was little, and I have so many beautiful pieces that I would like to show off. At the moment we don't have enough space for a display cabinet, but in our future dining room I would be looking to have something similar to this French corner display cabinet, finished in a lovely antique white paint with subtle aged effects. I spotted this one at The Furniture Market. Gorgeous, isn't it?

It's a big room, so if I can I'll try to squeeze in an old piano in there as well. If you look at places such as Gumtree and other similar websites you can find unwanted pianos for free. All you have to do is organising the pick up yourself. If it's not already in the style you want you can simply paint it. I adore this particular piano and the charmiong little metal candle holders that decorates the front of it.

To finish off the dining room I'd love an antique Grandfather clock. These are so classic and versatile, and in my opinion they would add an interesting touch to any room.

What do you think of the shabby chic style? Are you as smitten as I am? Would you decorate a whole room in this particular style?

14 January 2014

Creative DIY with mason jars

One thing that’s become really popular amongst DIYers in the last couple of years are antique mason jars. These old jars that were used to preserve food back in the days are now being used for all kinds of things – from tableware to decorations. With the jars having such a simple design they are very versatile, and if you fancy doing some mason jar DIY of your own, simply look at the ideas below to get inspired.

The most common use for old mason jars is the decorative candle holder. Only your imagination is the limit! If you cover the jar in lace and pretty details, as in the picture, it would be perfect for a wedding reception table decoration, or for a shabby chic room.

         For the home
Mason jars are great for storing things in as well, and not just food – like they were designed for initially. Why not use your jar for a kitchen utensils, pens, makeup brushes, bathroom items such as cotton pads, sewing tools, or other small things that otherwise are easy to misplace.

Since mason jars are made of glass they’re perfect for using as lamps or lanterns, as the material can deal with high temperatures. Hang up a few mason jars with tea lights outside for a cosy source of light at your BBQ or garden party, or stick a light bulb or some fairy lights in one for a hanging window lamp.

     Food & drink
You can obviously use the mason jars as intended to initially as well – for food. But rather than preserving food in them, use them as serving dishes. A well-made dessert will look really pretty and appetising in a mason jar when you see all the layers. Or simply use the jars for yummy cocktails that you decorate with fresh fruit.
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