13 March 2014

How to furnish a guest room – the essentials

If you have a spare room in your house and you’re thinking of turning it into a guest room, there are a few different things to think about. Don’t just throw a bed in there and think that it’s all that’s needed, but plan your furniture and decorations for your guest’s ultimate comfort.

The first thing to think about is obviously the bed. How big is the room? Would you go for a single or double bed, or perhaps a sofa bed? If you have a slightly smaller room a day bed is the perfect choice. You can make the bed so that it works as a sofa during day time, and it’s easy to turn into a single or double bed in time for bedtime. This one from the Hemnes collection at IKEA would be my choice as it is pretty and neutral – meaning it would go with most interior styles. The two spacious drawers will also work as a place for extra blankets and pillows.

Your guest will definitely need a bedside table for their belongings. There’s nothing more annoying than having to put fragile items such as glasses or a mobile phone on the floor, plus – a bedside table with drawers is perfect for unpacking clothes in. This pretty white wooden beach house bedside chest can be found at Wren Living

Make sure to have a lamp on your guestroom bedside table. Remember that just because you think it’s bedtime, your guest might not agree – and he or she might want to stay awake for a little bit longer reading a book in bed.

 Some kind of chair would be good for your guest to put their clothes on.

For the morning when your guest wants to get ready for the day, it’s great to have a dressing table with an accompanying mirror. This particular dressing table with a matching stool is from Dunelm Mill
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