31 July 2014

Always look on the bright side of life

A couple of years ago I discovered the witty brand The Bright Side, and was immediately hooked! I found a makeup bag in a local store, and was giggling away to what was written on it; ‘Real life photoshop for my face’. It couldn’t get more honest than that!
And that’s what The Bright Side is all about – blunt and hilarious comments written is a scrappy style, that makes people laugh. 

Even though it was a makeup bag I bought at this time, The Bright Side mainly focuses on homeware, such as biscuit tins, mugs and baking items, but also note pads, signs, etc. You can see the majority of their range at Mollie & Fred – prepare to giggle!

I recently invested in a cake stand and some cake plates from this brand as I thought they looked really cute, and at the same time were hilarious

I mean – just read what it says on these plates!
The voices say I must eat cake”, and “Goodbye waistline, hello cake!
As I said before – very honest and witty comments, that reflects what people really are thinking in this situation.

The other 2 plates in the set of 4 say;
How bad can it be when there’s cake’, and ‘Me & cake are in love’.

And I’ve saved the best one for last – the main item in this set, which is the cake stand, says the absolutely brilliant comment of;
Put the cake on the plate & nobody gets hurt

The white fabric napkins with a lace edge and an embroidered ‘M’ on each of them, as well as the shabby chic style heart shaped napkin rings in white, were a gift from my grandma.
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