26 November 2014

Review of The Restaurant Bar & Grill in Leeds

A couple of weeks ago I had a family visit from Sweden, and I really wanted to take them out for a meal that suited everyone’s taste. My other half suggested we take them to The Restaurant Bar & Grill, which is located in the old Post Office building in the heart of City Square, which is a bit of a landmark building here in Leeds.

The venue is very impressive indeed, with an extremely high ceiling and a wide spiral staircase that leads up to the indoor balcony area, where they have a few additional tables. The main seating area is downstairs, where there is also a bar.

When you enter The Restaurant Bar & Grill you are met by an enormous wall of wine bottles in a glass cabinet that divides the entrance from the actual restaurant. A machine inside the cabinet is programmed to pick out the wine bottle you’ve ordered for your meal – very impressive, and quite futuristic.

But apart from the fancy wine feature the restaurant is very classic, with a stylish and timeless interior. We were lucky enough to be seated upstairs on the balcony area, where we had a fantastic view of the whole restaurant. 

The waiters are very professional, and are very well looked after during your dinner. We didn’t have to touch the wine bottles we ordered a single time – the waiter kept an eye on our glasses and refilled them when needed. Makes you feel like an A-list celebrity, doesn’t it? ;)

To start with, me and my sister shared the salt baked heritage beets with goats cheese & toasted hazelnuts. If there is a starter on the menu including goats cheese, you can bet all your money that I will order it. I absolutely love goats cheese, and the combination of the salted beets and hazelnuts was divine!

My other half went for the Thai spiced fishcakes, which consisted of Atlantic wild halibut with tomato & lemongrass sauce. Not my thing, but he really enjoyed them.

For our main, we went all out and ordered the 450g Chateaubriand served with house cut chips, choice of sauce or butter, creamed spinach, roast tomato & mushrooms – I went for the Diane sauce, whilst my other half opted for the BĂ©arnaise. I know it’s against many restaurants’ beliefs, but I always order my steaks well done. I guess they’re afraid that it’ll go dry, but the Chateaubriand was lovely and juicy even though it had been cooked for longer. I absolutely love the creamed spinach as well – it’s such a good side for this dish.

My mum really surprised me during this dinner, and ordered the Barbeque sharing platter for two which people usually have as a big starter for her main. It’s really not what I thought she would go for, but she was munching away, really enjoying the different pieces of hickory smoked ribs, chipotle wings, home smoked hotdog, pulled pork bun and house slaw.

My sister is a very picky eater, and we always say that she eats like a hen (I guess that’s a Swedish saying). She has a very small appetite, and only ordered some different sides as her main. The field mushrooms topped with garlic & parsley were absolutely fantastic, and she accompanied them with some roasted root vegetables and BĂ©arnaise sauce.

The Restaurant Bar & Grill really caters for everyone with their classic menu, and we all had a lovely meal out.

10 November 2014

Adding cosiness to a room with fairy lights

I recently wrote a blogpost about my new white metal daybed that I assembled and styled to fit my arty room in the house. This room is decorated with a lovely olive green hue, along with some dusky purple details, so the throw and the cushions on the bed obviously had to match these hues.

My latest addition to this room is a lovely set of fairy lights from Cable & Cotton. I realised when I got the bed that I needed some atmospheric lights in the room if I was going to have guests around – the ceiling lamp is just too bright – and Cable & Cotton came to the rescue.

The fairly lights are made of little handmade balls of thread, which you can custom order in the colours you want, so I opted for dusky colours of green, pink, grey and lilac that would match the rest of the room. You simply pop the balls on the light bulbs yourself, and can therefore decide exactly how you want your lights to look. If you’re not happy with your original combination you can just take the balls off and move them around until you’ve got the result you want.

I’ve also hung a couple of white wooden mini shelves on the wall this weekend. I’ve had them for ages but couldn’t decide where I wanted them, but once the lights were up I found a great spot for them. There’s not much you can keep on these small shelves, but they’re only really there to look pretty. I got the idea of placing some colourful books on them though, which I think looks quite cute.

Again, matching everything to each other. Lamps, books, cushions... (this cushion is from Primark's home section) 

...and my Swedish panel curtains as well, of course! These were a birthday present from my sisters a couple of years ago, and I absolutely love them. I also find it hilarious that my English friends don't see the point with them since you can't cover the window with them. But us Swedes are all about letting in as much light as possible in our homes!

This is what my Cable & Cotton lights look like when they're lit - very cosy, and I think any guests staying in this room moving forward will be very happy with the whole room in general. 

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