11 February 2015

8 ways of upcycling your coffee table

I’m absolutely loving Pinterest at the moment, and as you know from my previous post - where I wrote about a DIY project - I’m all up for a challenge!
I’ve seen a ton of ideas for upcycling as well as DIYing. Isn’t that the same thing, you might say? No, upcycling is basically taking a finished piece of furniture and giving it a new look, whilst DIY is usually creating something from scratch.
Just have a look at the inspiring examples below. I’ve chosen tables and coffee tables as examples, as this is a project I would really love to get working on. Let's start with the square/rectangular ones!

First out in my inspirational upcycled coffee tables feature is this square table that got an uplift by weighing it down with something heavy. A solid concrete block works as a table top, and gives a beautiful rough contrast to this smooth white table. Couldn’t get any simpler than this, but what a result!

For the more artistic person you can upcycle your table with patterns and flat studs. Be creative and create patterns based on your own personal taste. This example, made from a simple IKEA table, looks quite old fashioned and romantic.

Consider wallpaper for a real facelift! Simply cut it to the right size and use wallpaper glue, then place a piece of glass on top of it to hold it all in place, and in order for it to last longer.

My personal favourite is making new pieces of furniture look old by adding planks on top which you have painted with wood stains for a distressed look. Doesn’t this look like genuine drift wood? Well, it’s not! It’s brand new planks, and a hell of an artistic hand! You can obviously apply this style to a round table as well – you just need to saw the planks into the right shape. 

And talking about round tables, let’s move on to these!
You can easily change the look by swapping the legs for something more creative – in this case a metal basket which has been painted in a quirky colour and turned upside down. 

The typical shabby chic look is a favourite amongst many, including me. All you need is some white paint, wood stain, and sand paper. Simple but effective.

Again, just as the concrete top table above, you can simply add another material on top of any table to create a completely different look. I like the natural look and shape of this log slice side table. 

But the simplest, and probably most effective ways of all to style up a table, is obviously to just add some paint to it. Leave the top as it is, and just paint the legs in a bold colour that stands out but that still matches your dining or living room. Piece of cake!

But where to start if you don’t have a suitable table at home?
Square and rectangular tables are easy to find, but round ones are a bit more rare.
I’ve found this Malmo oval solid white oak veneer coffee table which has a lot of potential. Scandinavian designs are always to stylish and simplistic – I love it!
I hope you’re as inspired as I am after this post. Let me know of any DIY or upcycling projects you’ve done.
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