4 October 2015

A crafty afternoon with Hillary's

It's been a while (to say the least) since I last used a needle and thread, or did any sort of crafting at all for that matter. So when Hillary's Blinds invited me for a "crafternoon" one recent Sunday I was too curious to say no.

There were quite a few local bloggers invited, and the event was hosed in collaboration with blogger The Crafty Hen, who helped us figure out which was was up and down, and where to add the glue. She was absolutely brilliant!

The first crafty project was to create a sectioned off jewellery box. Sounds easy, but it was actually a bit tricky (especially since I had just cut my nails short and couldn't grab the double-sided tape properly!). The material that decorated the lid was fabric from Hillary's Blind's latest collection, and I opted for a creamy fabric with a soft print of tree branches with flowers.

I thought there was a hint of turquoise in the fabric as well, and in order to bring this out I decided to decorate the box with a turquoise silk ribbon. The big wooden button is a great little extra accessory that goes well with the overall look of the box, especially since there is a tree branch pattern in the fabric.

I added the same fabric to the inside of the box as well, and created two different sections for my jewellery with the help of a piece of cardboard. And this is the final result!
I'm quite happy with it actually, and would proudly keep this on display in my dressing room.

The next project was to create some sort of hair accessory, which was a bit of a challenge as this involved sewing rather than just taping! These were some examples made by The Crafty Hen.

 I opted to try to create a fascinator, and went for the same fabric as my jewellery box, as well as some grey netting fabric which would work as a sort of birdcage style veil. 
The result?

After some swearing and a lot of glue, I finally got my piece together! 
Again, to bring the turquoise out in the fabric I chose a few decorations in the same colour - in this case a few matching buttons and a silk ribbon.
What do you think?

Thanks a bunch to Hillary's Blinds for inviting me to this fun afternoon of crafting!
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