11 December 2015

Living rooms from 4 different corners of Europe

What makes a piece of furniture French looking? 
Or English? Indian? Scandinavian?
It's always interesting to see how different styles are being perceived in other countries' eyes.
How good are we at copying other countries' interior styles? 
Can it be done properly, or does it have to be the genuine thing for it to pass of as 'French'?

The furniture company Arlo & Jacob, who has recently launched their brand in the UK market, has given this a go in their brilliant infographic below. 
This shows the living room styles of London, Paris, Berlin and Rome, along with some interesting facts. 

It's such a difference between the styles! 
I write a lot about French shabby chic, but to my own surprise I actually really like the industrial style of the Berlin room in this infographic. 
Having grown up in a Scandinavian country with minimalist and contemporary interior styles, I was drawn to the clean and straight lines in the Berlin example.

Which style is your favourite?
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