18 January 2016

8 Moroccan decorations that will spice up your bathroom

Personally, I think the bathroom is the only room in the house where you can go wild and crazy with decorations without people questioning you. However, most people go for very basic styles in this room, with lots of white mixed with cold tiles. 

If you want to up the game in your bathroom and give it more of a personality, why not get influenced by the warm and eccentric Morocco?

Below are 8 oriental style decorations that will definitely spice up your bland and impersonal bathroom.

 1. These colourful and patterned perfume bottles will look stunning on your bathroom shelf - IKEA

 2. A miniature lemon tree will thrive in the warm and damp environment of ypur bathroom, and will take your mind to warmer latitudes - IKEA

 3. These wicker baskets of different sizes remind me of snake charmers, and they're great for storing everything from cotton pads to hair bobbles - IKEA

4. Why not go all out Moroccan patterns when it comes to your bath and hand towels? Dare to play with colours and see the impact they make on your overall interior - H&M Home

5. You can't go wrong with these green glass decorations for your soap and toothbrushes. No doubt this is inspired by the mesmerizing Morocco - H&M Home

6. A classic Moroccan decoration, that will go in any room of the house, is of course the patterned mirror tray. Place some candles or a plant on it, and place it on some wooden legs to use as a side table - LionsHome

7. You can't get more Moroccan that the popular swirly metal lanterns. Opt for clear or coloured glass to suit your style - LionsHome

 8. And last but not least... in order to really feel that you're walking into another part of the world when you're entering your bathroom, choose a room diffuser to spread your favourite scent. This specific one, 'Golden Amber', has a beautiful oriental scent - Next
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