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29 May 2015

5 essentials for the summer garden party

Barbeque season is finally here! I couldn’t be happier!
Summer is when people just liven up and find lots of energy, and we’re all about socialising with friends throughout the long, light evenings.
Below are my 5 top tips of garden essentials for those summer gatherings with friends and family.

First on the list, and probably the most important, is seating. But don’t worry if you don’t have enough tables and chairs - Be creative! 
Use old pallets, blankets and cushions and create a cosy bohemian picnic style.

Garden lighting
Who says your party has to stop when the sun finally sets? 
Make your gathering even longer by making sure you’ve got suitable lighting in the garden. 
Candles are great for a cosy atmosphere, but they don’t give off a lot of light. 
Why not opt for environmentally friendly solar lights? The above example is from the Konstsmide ground lighting collection at Scotlight Direct.

Even summer nights can get a bit chilly, so a chiminea is a great option if you want to keep yourself and your guests warm and toasty. 
You can let it burn all night, and even use it as a barbeque. 
Even when not in use, it works as a great accessory for your garden, as it’s got that kind of Mexican vibe to it. 
You can find them at most garden stores, including B&Q.

Alternative fridge
With lots of people around it also means lots of food and drinks, so your fridge is likely to fill up quickly. 
Avoid lukewarm drinks by creating an alternative fridge outside. 
This ice filled wheelbarrow is a really quirky idea, that will work wonders for your party!

It’s not a proper party without some funky beats! 
Invest in a portable speaker that you can control with Bluetooth through your phone. 
Just make sure you go for a model that has a long battery life and that is waterproof.

What are your top tips for a summer garden party?
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