19 January 2017

Painting wooden furniture in your home is easier than you think

Over time, the paint on your wooden furniture tends to fade, and you end up with a worn out and old look that is desperate for a touch-up. What’s great about solid wood furniture is that the structure keeps intact, and you can easily repaint these types of furniture. With the right tool you can make the furniture look brand new again, and it’s super easy to do it all by yourself if you just follow a few simple steps.

In order to freshen up your wooden home furniture you will need paint, paint primer, wood filler, a putty knife, sand paper, foam roller, a good brush, gloves, a face mask and sealant. 


Make sure that you’re in a well-ventilated area when working with smelly paint. Place the piece of furniture on a plastic sheet to avoid unfortunate spillage. Start by cleaning the furniture and then fill scratched or uneven areas with wood filler. Wipe off the excess wood filler after applying it, let dry, and sandpaper until even once it has dried. This will give you a nice and smooth foundation for your furniture paint.

Applying paint primer

Using a paint primer is important in order to get the paint stick and keep better. By not using a primer you risk the paint peeling off, and that longed for long-lasting effect is long gone!
Use a paint brush to apply the primer to the edges and corners, and a roller for the main surface. There’s no need to worry too much  about an even application as you can use sand paper to clean off the excessive sawdust. 

Painting your wooden furniture

Your piece of furniture is now ready for the most fun step, which is to apply the paint. Just as with the primer, use a foam roller for surfaces that are flat and paint brushes for areas that are uneven or where the rollers cannot reach. Use the paint sparingly, and paint two thin coats rather than one thick in order to avoid the paint dripping and creating unwanted patterns.

Finishing off with sealant

If you want to obtain a look that is really shiny, consider using paint sealant. This is the final stage of your painting project, and it means that the furniture will be protected from wear and tear, as well as getting a glossy look. Just make sure that the sealant is completely dry before you move the piece of furniture to its right place to avoid unwanted marks or prints.

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